Player of the Year from CBS Sport Handball Women

”Most Valuable Player 2013/2014” this year is

Ditte Sofie Nielsen from the 1st team, and

Henriette Haugaard Jensen from the 2nd team.

Ditte Sofie Nielsen

dittesn: Årets spilleremoji
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Ditte did not only make a lot of goals but also her speed and high level in general throughout this year have made her valuable for the 1st team. One of the primary strengths of the 1st team, and one of the reasons why the team got promoted this year, were the high number of fast breaks – a strength that Ditte definitely boosted.

Henriette Haugaard Jensen

Henriette Haugaard Jensen

The secon MVP is Henriette who during the year (and earlier years) has gone though an admirable development in this sport. Her force, strength and hard work in the defence made it hard for the opponents to make goals and her solid work is a big part of the teamwork. Furthermore Henriette sometimes took the job as goalkeeper when the teams had none – and did it well! This is an even bigger sign of the super team mate that she is and a sign of her ability to put the team above herself.

Congratulations to the two of you!

Best regards,
Ditte (Head of Handball), Anne (Head of Handball) and Chris (Head Coach)