Part Two : Introducing The Management Committee

CBS SPORT’s Management Executive Committee has grown in its scope and functionality and is currently composed of 9 members in charge with the club’s operational and functional departments. Every candidate was selected based on his/her competencies and mindset to take on the club’s projects and help fulfill its goals. Our management team members have multidisciplinary backgrounds, relevant for the departments they’re in charge with, together with the willingness to provide further strength and expertise across the club’s projects and tasks. We’re excited to be expanding our management team with smart, driven and dedicated people who understand CBS Sport’s core values and are ready to drive the club’s growth for its members, business partners, and fans.

Anine Bundgård/General Manager

Anine studies Business, Language, and Culture at CBS. She is very interested in internal communication and organizational behavior, as well as cultural differences. At the moment, she is writing her bachelor thesis on multicultural communication in a Novo Nordisk affiliate, which she finds extremely interesting. As a person, she is extrovert and social, goal-oriented and ambitious. At CBS Sport, she is the general manager, and in charge of the internal communication in the management and between the board and the management team. She also administers tasks like organizing the management meetings and helps running the daily operations of the team.

Sandra Mulvad/Sports Manager

Sandra studies Cand.Merc.HRM (Human Resource Management). She has been the Sports Manager since late 2015. As the Sports Manager, she heads the Sports Committee, also links the sports departments and the board/management. Furthermore, she is responsible for events such as our semi-annual Sports Days, where we recruit new players and volunteers. In the pipeline is also a project to arrange – a CBS Sport trip to an international sports event.

Emilie Bessermann/HR Manager

Is studying a master’s degree at the University of Copenhagen. At the moment, she is highly concerned writing her master thesis on the subject of mental health in coherence with Danish and EU law. Her passion for HR has been enhanced by her previous student jobs in an international IT security company. Her spare time means spending time with her boyfriend and strengthening at the local Crossfit box. She is looking forward to using her HR expertise and passion for sports to develop great HR techniques within CBS Sport.

Felicia Céline Olsen/Social Manager

Felicia is currently studying a master degree in Sport & Event Management at The University of Southern Denmark where her main area of interest is developing events, brand management and buying behavior. She describes herself as a straightforward, ambitious, joyful and passionate about work. As the Social Manager at CBS Sport, she will be creating events, mainly for the board and executive management, with the purpose of embracing the social culture within the organization.

Nicoleta Baban/Marketing Manager

She is a marketer by heart and background. As a Cand merc. graduate, she finds fascinating to working by day with digital and traditional marketing, a field where there is always happening something interesting. She has been with CBS Sport since august 2016 and truly enjoys it so far. She has joined CBS Sport with the purpose of getting the right marketing strategies, sports events and great promotional ideas in a room together. From the day she started the journey with CBS Sport, she promised herself to tell inspirational stories, entertain fans and maintain the on-line/offline networks CBS SPORT co-exist with. She is willing to tear down walls, build bridges and light fires for the sake of communicational excellence and impactful marketing. She has lots of energy, a bit of that “vision thing” and she is not afraid to dare and succeed.

Melda Arikan/Event Manager

Is currently studying MSc in International Marketing and Management at CBS. Denmark is her 5th country she has been living in. With the primary thought of being part of the Danish, social and active organization, she has seen in CBS Sport the opportunity to develop in many ways. First, started as an event coordinator at CBS Sport and later applied to become our event manager. Together with the volunteering position, she is working as an associate sales supporter in a Danish video surveillance company. Here, she can use the acquired experience from CBS Sport to handle leadership, project management and stakeholder relationship occurred challenges. She is happy to use her multi-cultural background, openness, adaptability, and motivation to contribute to the organization’s success.

Logan Hughes/Sponsorship Manager

Logan is a newcomer to Denmark, having moved from Canada in November 2015. After missing his shot to play ice hockey professionally, he hit the books and earned a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and Economics. The Toronto Blue Jays are his favorite professional sports team, however, he has a strong interest in many different sports, thus being involved in a sports organization made sense to him. He began volunteering for CBS sport as a way to get more involved in the Danish community and build a larger professional network. Logan is working as the sponsorship manager for CBS sport, tasked with finding sponsors to ensure the continued success of our organization.

Kristin Liiksaar/Society Manager

Is an Estonian who has wandered to Denmark 3 years ago and is currently studying a bachelor program in Business Administration. Being a society manager for CBS Sport means actively socializing with other student organizations and get inspiration from others’ experiences while having a lot of freedom in coming up with new ideas and solutions. Additionally, she works on finding new ways to get more exposure for CBS Sport as a student organization – e.g. at Open Days event.  She is also in charge with our every year intro presentations at the beginning of the school year.

Luis Fdez Pontón/IT Manager

Is our IT Manager. He has a background in philosophy and cognitive sciences. He is fascinated by computers and the Internet together with sports, especially football. Given this mix, he couldn’t miss the opportunity to work with CBS Sport’s IT infrastructure and website maintenance.