900 runners can’t be wrong – the Campus Relay was a succes

After months of planning, the 15th of September and the annual CBS Campus Relay was finally here. About 20 volunteers from CBS Sport met up at 9 o’clock in the morning to get things going. The route had to be marked, 900 running shirts had to be handed out and a couple of hundred bikes had to be moved in order to clear Solbjerg Plads to make room for the inflateable gate that marked the finish line.

A stand was put up in front of the library at Solbjerg Plads and early in the afternoon runners would begin to pick up their numbers and t-shirts. A total of 219 teams had signed up for the relay, which meant that it would be the biggest edition of the race in it’s 3 year history. Even more teams tried to sign up for the race on the day, but unfortunaletly for them, capacity had been reached already, and they would have to take a place on the wating list and see whether all the teams showed up.

The proud sponsor

As the day progressed, KPMG joined CBS Sport and CBS in the tents at Solbjerg Plads – besides taking part in the race with several teams, they were there to show their commitment to both CBS Sport and CBS.

At around 15:00 Solbjerg plads was buzzing with happy students from CBS, employees, running teams from outside CBS, Hærens Officerskole and whoever else had signed up for the relay – all anxious to get started – some of them was there to win, others just to take part and have some fun on the day.


Half an hour before the start, CBS Sport took the stage to get the common warm up started. The square turned into an inferno of people jumping around, swinging their arms and legs, jumpoing up and down to get ready for the race that was about to start.

The race

A couple of minutes before 16:00, everyone was wished good luck with the race, and shortly after, the starters pistol went off – The relay was underway, and it quickly became clear who was there to take the glory. Team Thembo took the lead right away, and would hold it all the way through after a great perfomance. Falkonergården took 2nd place with Hærens Officerskole taking the 3rd place on the podium.

The full list of results can be seen here.

CBS Sport would like to thank everyone who took part in the race, everyone who volunteered and everyone else involved on the Campus Relay. We hope to see all of you again next year for another great race.