A look back at the 2009 spring season

CBS Sport Football – The laaadies!

Our football season started with a lot of “old” players coming home from exchange, a few new ones and a brand new coach; Jørgen Haukeland. Jørgen was a Norwegian guy who could brag about great skills as a football coach with education (as a coach!) that was way out of our league. So everything looked to be pretty awesome!

We started off with having practice every once a week, which soon was expanded to be twice a week.

CBS Sport vs. B93

The first match was played in the end of April after about a month of practice, but unfortunately not any practice games, which kind of showed on the pitch. All players were having quite a hard time to find each other on the pitch and stupid mistakes were made. Fortunately it all got better during the game, and in the second half we got two goals, which gave us a 3-2 defeat against B93 – of course not as hoped, but we were confident that it would all get better!

CBS Sport vs. Jægersborg

– It did not.. Second game was against Jægersborg which turned out to be a dreadful nightmare.. Nothing worked and all of the sudden the pitch got filled with trash talk and bad football. Personally it is the first time that I – as a goalkeeper – have felt provoked by trash talk, but when a football-dad on the sideline started to provoke even I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. This was also the match where I discovered that I’d lost my ability to handle free kicks just outside my goal.. Kind of sickening to let in 2-3 goals on free kicks made in the very same way. Again it waited until second half before CBS Sport saw it’s rising, but sorry for us, it wasn’t enough, so the match ended 4-5 in favor of Jægersborg – and we all wanted to either kill someone or ourselves as we were walking of the pitch.. A black day for the women’s team!

CBS Sport vs. Sundby

Determined to rise we went to Kløvermarken, eager to kick Sundby’s ass! And we were sooo close! At least we got one point as the game ended 2-2.. AND we got to meet an old “friend” – the referee who, a year ago, managed to show Mette of the pitch, even though she already WAS off the pitch..(!) Which resulted in him demanding that she’d go all the way out to the road where the traffic prevented him from hearing her cheering – And also this match he managed to make himself noticed as he introduced a brand new sign for “incorrect throw-in”; looked like he was trying to throw an imaginary lasso.. Resulted in a lot of confusion and then giggling and jokes throughout the rest of the season.

Bering social

In order not to forget the social part of playing football with CBS Sport it was of course time for a “get-to-know-each-other-party” – the first official women’s football team party. And of course it was done on a Thursday in order to hit Nexus café afterwards… None of the participating remembered that much of the party, which indicates that it was a success!

CBS Sport vs. Heimdal

Next game was against Heimdal who would normally play in Fælledparken, but due to the Danish Labor Day which is held on the 1st of May IN Fælledparken, the pitches there would be overkill to play on, we were playing in Ryparken, which resulted in a lot of confusion as the pitches were hidden away.. But we managed to find it at last and managed to play a great game in spite of only 15-20 minutes of warm-up. More or less EVERYTHING in this game worked; the defense line was more or less unbreakable, the midfield was deadly in their one-on-ones, Birita and Knudsen sprinted after the ball in a cloud of dust and yeah, practically EVERYONE was playing great football – which showed on the end result; 0-4 in favour of CBS Sport! FINALLY a victory! And an unmistakable victory!

CBS Sport vs. CIK

From now on we started playing really good football, but unfortunately the final goals were lacking out. 2-2 was the result against CIK – and against FB we also only managed to do a tie. But in between the two games the football team (or parts of it) had been to Paris to play in a football tournament, which got us to the final against Norway! Unfortunately that final ended 3-2 in favor of Norway, as the Norwegians in the end had a penalty kick which our goalkeeper (Henriette) actually saved, but as our team hadn’t expected that, they weren’t fast enough to retrieve the ball and the Norwegians could have another go and won the match. BUMMER!

Going to Klampenborg

In the end of May our third last game was played in Klampenborg which was far-far away. But we managed to get a whole team up there and we ended up playing a great match resulting in a 5-goal victory to CBS Sport! I still think that it was due to our coach’s enthusiastic way of announcing the different players’ position on the pitch! – and of course the fact that Nanna had done her duty and had cold beer and soda waiting for us after the match.

The second last match was played against BK Skjold, whom we kicked ass against and defeated 4-1!

The last match

The very last match was in the end of June and the most dreadful match; against the Police! The Police was the undefeated team of our series and had only let in 2 or 3 goals throughout the about 10 games they’d played. BUT as it had been calculated that we would move up in Series 1 no matter how the game against the Police was played (due to Jægersborg not showing up to a match and Heimdal already having a team in Series1) – we decided to throw ourselves a BIG we-are-moving-up-to-Series1-party the day before the game. So when we entered the pitch Sunday the 21st of June, the players were hung-over, still drunk or just VERY tired. Fortunately our coach for the day, Rasmus, lost a bet at the party the day before and brought pancakes and the (wo)Man of the Match from last game had (as it is prescribed) brought cake.. This made the mood higher, but we were still not feeling at a 100 percent.. – Imagine the surprise for us, when we actually managed to outrun the other team and do GOALS! The other team even managed to throw away a penalty kick and it wasn’t actually until the very end of the match that the Police managed to get another goal so the result ended 2-2… We were all convinced that they HAD to have been partying the day before as well, but they told that they postponed the party because they had this match.. Hmm.. Way too serious – After the game a lot of the players decided to celebrate some more, which was done with pizza, beer and girl gossiping all afternoon!

A great season

All in all, it ended of being a great season! We only moved up due to formalities, but who cares! We’re ready to see what we can perform in Series1! Throughout the summer we’ve tried to do some practice with the guys – just so we wouldn’t forget completely how to play football. And now when the new season starts we’re going to spend the money from Bødekassen (we’ve been paying fines for being late or forgetting essential football equipment.. Sports bra has been the most forgotten thing, I think) on a big party to meet up again, catch up and maybe even welcome new players – We’ve always got room for new players!

This was a “short” sum-up of the spring season – hopefully the fall season will be even better and preferably with more wins and excellent football!

Yours truly,

Cecilie Rasmussen – the goalkeeper