A statistical twist on member activity

Since the world didn’t end in 2012 we took the liberty to kindly ask all of you to update your profile in the beginning of the year, in order to make sure our database was up to speed. As a consequence of this we have taken it upon ourselves to do a little spare-time statistics and given one of CBS’ most biased students a chance to analyse our fantastic members and give us the insight scope to what lies beneath the facts and figures.

Where do the members of CBS Sport live?

We started off with the cities of our CBS Sport members. His immediate reaction was clear; a few of our members must be crazy, as they apparently are travelling all the way from Skagen and Middelfart to do sports in their favourite club in Copenhagen. As the conversation went on he started rambling on about ghettos, losers, old people, “The Crappy Island”* and more.

As a side note to this we have promised our administrative worker, Tina, to please remind everyone that if your city is Frederiksberg – then your municipality is also Frederiksberg.

Are we all CBS students?

As if cities weren’t enough to get the opinion ball rolling we took a look at the various studies our members have listed. To begin with we couldn’t get him to stop laughing about the ones who had listed “Economics”, “Finance” and “Management”. While laughing he said that KU and Niels Brock should just stick to what they’re best at; dusty nerdy stuff at KU and high school kids at Brock. Then he noticed that “Nursing” was listed under the main category “Health” and wanted to know where he could find these fine ladies (the answer to that is the handball team and the football team, red.). Finally he found it pretty cool that we had a guy from the Navy Military Academy, however we were happy to inform him that he could find the Navy Officer at the women’s handball team – which left him speechless.

This was the end of our interview with the biased CBS student. You might see him lurking around at a handball match in the future as he is determined to seek out the lovely nurse to be out and chat up a Navy Officer. It’s safe to say that we proved to him that CBS Sport is indeed a club filled with diversity. We might not be able to see completely past our connection to Copenhagen Business School, but we promise you there is plenty of room for everyone else as well!

And if you find that some of the numbers seem a bit of, don’t hesitate to check up on your info. Just log in and click ‘Edit your profile’ in the upper right corner.

Finally, if you enjoyed this, remember that sharing is caring – and if our nerdy database statistic maniac sees that you liked it, there might be a follow up on gender and age in CBS Sport.