A warm welcome to the new Board

Thank you all for a great Annual General Assembly on Wednesday the 30th of March.

The Board of CBS Sport now consists of;

Chairman: Thomas Staalager – sport@cbs.dk

Vice Chairman: Max Andersen – vicechairman@cbssport.dk

Cashier: Christoffer G. Larsen – cashier@cbssport.dk – christoffer.g.larsen@cbssport.dk

Board Member: Lilian Rasmussen – lilian.rasmussen@cbssport.dk

Board Member: Stine Corlin Christensen – stine.c.christensen@cbssport.dk

Board Member: Paul Richard Bang – paul.bang@cbssport.dk

Board Member: Asger Bryderup – asger.bryderup@cbssport.dk

A summary of the AGM will be published within soon.

Furthermore a big thank to the Board members leaving us; Henriette Krogh and Jonathan Rasmusson – and of course a special thank to Karina Ildor Jacobsgaard, now former Chairman of CBS Sport.

We hope that everyone enjoyed the AGM and especially the Birthday Party at the Club Room!