A wonderful WIN for CBS Sport Football Women!

CBS Sport vs. Bk. Pioneren

Sunday May 30 2010

Result: 3-1 (1-0)


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Hansen, Signe P, Birgitte, Tine
Midfield: Mette, Darija, Birita, AC
Striker: Eva, Nanna

Goals: Eva (assist by Mette), Birgitte (unassisted), Eva (assist by Darija)

Woman of the Match: AC and Hansen (draw!)

In the tactical talk before the match, Coach Thomas talked about how we’re not good enough to just shoot at the goal, and that we the last matches has gotten unnecessarily behind.. So this time; “SHOOT!” 🙂 Furthermore we were a team suffering from a lot of people not being able to come, so we were no subs at all.. A challenge, you could say..

1st half

We started of with a good pressure, and in the last part of first half Hansen started a great attack with a throw-in that ended at Mette’s left foot who got it in to Eva who scooooored!! Half-time had more good chances for Eva, who was ON fire, but unfortunately the offside rule among other things prevented her from making more goals. In the opposite end, the defense did a great job, and Cecilie didn’t have that much to do in the goal. Nice!

Finally CBS Sport could go to half time, with a lead! Lovely! BUT! Birita’s knee did not look good, so she had to stay out for the rest of the match.. So down to 10 ladies, Eva ended up playing solo on the top..

2nd half

In second half CBS Sport had the headwind, so goal kicks and other passes forward didn’t get as far as wanted.. At some point Bk. Pioneren got all blood thirsty and started doing somekinda war yell and one of the other players got ahead and all of a sudden Cecilie was more or less alone with the opponent.. Cecilie made a go for the ball, unfortunately she missed, but thwarted the play for the opponent enough for her to “bite the grass”.. Sadly enough she didn’t stop there, but started whining while lying in the penalty area, so the referee ruled penalty kick.. Sigh! Of course, Cecilie went to the wrong side and the ball was put nicely in the left side of the goal and the score was now 1-1..

Eager to not let Bk. Pioneren get any points out of the match, Signe took a rather tactical descision sending up Birgitte over the halfway line, and 10 seconds later, the score was 2-1 to CBS Sport! – And then Birgitte just walked triumphantly back over the halfway line.. Sweet!

But CBS Sport was not yet finished.. Even though we were only ten ladies on the pitch, we fought our bottoms out of our (too small) shorts! Great chances was created, and the defense almost didn’t let anything pass, and if they did, they pressured enough, so that Cecilie could just go and collect the ball. GREAT team spirit! To finish of the party Darija, with 15 minutes to go (or so), got the ball on the middle of the pitch and then just went ahead! It very much looked like she was gonna finish it of by herself, but looked up, saw Eva positioned perfect – passed – and SCORED! 3-1 to CBS Sport, and with a opponent team being more and more frustrated it was possible to hold the lead for the last minutes..


A bit long summary, but is was a good story to tell 😉