An unexpected loss for CBS Sport Womens Handball 2

Match Summary, 15.11.2009: CBS Sport 2 vs USG 4

USG 4 took the lead early on with a couple of quick goals from the distance combined with a good performance by the goalkeeper. CBS Sport wasn´t so easily shaken though and on behalf of a good fighting spirit and a little help from the referee the match slowly became more even as USG´s early lead was dimished.

CBS couldn´t close the gap though, as the posts really wasn´t in any kind of helpful mood today. Thus the score was 9-7 in favor of USG at halftime. Second half saw USG starting out strong again with CBS lacking behind. CBS really struggled at this point and barely managed to hang on. They actually managed to even the scores at one point but three quick goals from USG left them behind again.

With about 10 minutes left CBS was behind by four goals but then the tide turned and CBS gained control of the game and once again closed the gap. They made it so far as to being just a single goal behind, but with a single minute left, the last goal from CBS wasn’t enough, as USG at that time was 2 goals ahead. USG 4 – CBS Sport 2: 17-16

Player of the day: Rikke Krog Mogensen