And what a party it was!

This most anticipated party of the year took place as usual the last Saturday of November when CBS Sport got together for the annual Christmas Party. And what a party it was!

The party started with some bad news since the elevators were out of order. This meant that the Party Crew had to carry everything up to the 5th floor by the stairs – truly an intensive work out! (good thing, that they’re all sports people, red.) When the guests finally arrived – some more out of breath than others – they were greeted with a sponsored beer from Danske Bank, a Christmas decorated venue and happy hour at the bar. Soon after people arrived, the food was served and the dinner could begin! After the delicious mix of traditional Danish Christmas food it was time for several sport departments player nominations and Danske Bank’s volunteer of the year award. This year goalkeeper from the women’s 11-a-side football team, Cecilie Rasmussen, won for her amazing effort for the club the past years.

When all the nominations, awards and speeches were finished it was time for dessert before the DJ took over. The rest of the night was spend dancing and drinking so intensely that the bartenders simply ran out of liquor, beers and cider long time before the party ended – which put a natural end to a great night.

The Party Crew will like to thank everyone for the great party and we can’t wait for the CBS Sport Summer Party!

The Party Crew is currently looking for new members, so if you want to be a volunteer in CBS Sport and help planning the awesome parties for your teammates, please let us know by writing an e-mail to