Another one goal defeat to the Women’s Handball team

After last game´s (against FFK) ”in-the-last-second” defeat, we were really hungry for a revenge. The knowledge that Rødovre HK, also had lost to FFK by only one goal as well, made the hunger even larger. As always, we use too long time to really ”get into” the game. Clearly, this is something we should work on, making it easier for us selves.

From the beginning we where behind with approximately 4 goals, which we had use a lot of strenghts to catch up with. Until break we were behind, we were not scared, knowing that this is a game we really could win! From start second half, we really sealed up in defense. At the same time we played extremely well in our attacks, this made the second half really exiting. Especially in the last part, where we finally overtook them. We understood that the wing position where given a lot of space, something we took advantage of, making our left-wing player Britt, scoring a lot of goals! At the same time, all of the back-players took responsibility, and we had great goals from all three back-positions.

The defense where sealed, and our goal-keeper took the attempts they had in counter attack, stopping them on the middle of the court. The overtake probably costed more physical strength than we had hoped for, and when the time said four minuits left, the score was 22-22, and the excitement would not end. Then, the referee decided to take all the attention he could get, giving us first a second yellow card on one player (giving 2 minutes penalty), and at the same time a direct 2 minutes penalty on another, resulting in only four players on the court, with only three minutes left to play.

This was fortunately one of the days we refused to give up, fighting to the end, though, it would not end our way this day and we loss 24-23. Still, we decided to bring with us the positive in this game, everyone fighted heroic, and I´m sure the next game is going to make us smile afterwords. It seems like the next round (29/11) will be at least this exiting, where the opponent (FIF 3) just won by one goal over Rødovre HK 2 (17-16). We are waiting in excitement… Player of the day: Everyone! Great team-spirit!