Another victory for Handball Women 1st team

HG Haandbold – CBS Sport 1

The match against HG Håndbold was our second match in the Cup tournament. Our opponents had an average age of 55 years, so we assumed that they were an ensemble and strong team. But we started better and with full speed. The old ladies seemed surprised and we got a head start of 7 goals. Despite the excellent start in first half, we began to make a lot of unforced errors in our offence and HG Håndbold fought until the end, but due to our better defence and speed we won the match deservedly.

Even though it wasn’t our best match to date it still showed the development of our team and proved that we can win even though we don’t show our full potential.

With this victory we won the second match in a row and became the best team in the group. Now lets focus on our next match 🙂

/ Sara J.J. Larsen