Another win for CBS Sport Women’s Handball team 3

CBS Sport 3 vs. Høje Gladsaxe, November 8, 2009

The game began with Høje Gladsaxe quickly getting the lead and scored the first goal of the game. However, this was the only time Høje Gladsaxe led the game, as CBS quickly equalised and for the rest of the first half, CBS was in front.

Throughout the game, the defence was pretty solid, as has been the case with the other games of the season so far, however, today the offence worked for large parts of the game as well, which contributed to CBS slowly increasing the lead. The players showed equal amount of individual initiatives towards the goal, but also remembered to play as a team, making small deals and stuck to them in both ends of the court.

All in all, it was one of the best games yet to play and watch and the final result was 18-11 in CBS’s favor.

Player of the day: Johanna Fiksdahl