Are you ready for the Summer Party?!

With a new Party Crew planning this year’s Summer Party, we sat them down and asked them a few questions:
Has it been hard taking over from the old Party Crew?

There has been some lack of knowledge that could have been shared at the start, but the old crew has been very nice to help when called upon. That being said, we are of course their superiors and we can beat them in any beer game of their choice! But overall it has been quite easy to replace them, as the new crew is experienced hard core CBS Sport members who knows what’s about to go down in a few weeks.
Have you planned a special theme (any inflatable animals?)?

The theme of the party isn’t fancy. Our strategic decision to let the party be a ”Summer Party”, was that we knew 87% would be rowing on the floor, or stumbling over their own feets – or as football would call it, ”diving”. But this is not a swimming pool, so the plan is to keep the theme clean and straight forward and focus on not letting the bar dry up as it happened a year ago!
The venue is the same as the Christmas Party – have you taken any precautions?

(at the Christmas Party the ordered food never showed, and at last year’s Summer Party a toilet seat went missing)

Again, to keep it clean and easy, to remember for our members. It is the same place as we held our Christmas Party, but this time we should definitely get the food. Nothing is certain for sure, but we have added points of contacts to our supplier, so we should be able to contact one another if anything goes wrong. But we’re sure it won’t.

This year the toilet seats will be locked due to risk of theft from the legion of drunken CBS Sporters who will roam in a fog of beer. Furthermore, The Venue has the advantage of being placed in an industrial area, which enables us to make all the noise we want!
Will there be bartenders? And will they be good-looking?

We have one confirmed bartender, and once again it is DØK* that steps up. We have one or maybe two more on the line, but as many of you know, DØK’ere and parties are one hell of a mix. Guaranteed awesomeness.

As mentioned, one has already been confirmed and he is a charmer. Girls watch out! The second one could potentially be a surprise package but more on that later. There will of course be happy hours as we know you love them so much!
Will the bar run dry?

We have bought more alcohol than last summer. That’s for sure, and of course the legendary slush-ice machine will be ready and firing on the evening. This can only go well, and when we’re saying well, we mean wrong. Terribly wrong, but that’s the whole point isn’t it? It’s an event you don’t want to miss, and if you do, you’re probably gonna hate yourself for at least 5-6 months until the Christmas Party!
What’s the menu? Greek? Spanish? Danish?

The menu, you say. It would be wrong of us to reveal it wouldn’t it? We can tell you this much: It is not an Icelandic menu, and it is for sure not Chinese like at the Christmas Party!

Guess we’re not revealing too much if we say there will be meat and salad and the delicious sides bread and butter!
Can you reveal anything about the awards? Are there gonna be many awards?

It is not yet confirmed how many awards there will be presented on the evening as yet. Handball will of course have their annual summer awards as they always do on this occation, but chances are a few more sports like Basketball and Volleyball, will also be giving out awards.

So a shout-out to the sports representatives to let the Party Crew know if you’re presenting awards so we can plan accordingly.
Sign up for the Summer Party
Deadline for signing up is Sunday the 15th of June – sign up here.

Also see who else is coming by looking at the guest list here.

If you have any questions send an email to or ask your question in the facebook event.