Ask not what your club can do for you..

..Ask what you can do for your club

CBS Sport is always looking for volunteers. We are always looking for people to help at events, various ad hoc tasks, volunteers for your sport and so on. Your tasks are very much depending on what your interests are, e.g.:

Volunteer at events

  • Arrange the event, which includes renting sport facilities, getting sponsors, marketing of the event, etc.
  • Helping out during the day of the event – if your time is not to help planning the event, you will also be needed on the day of the event.

Various ad hoc tasks

  • The board of CBS Sport are elected every year at the Annual General Meeting, but could always use an extra hand. This could be helping to find new sponsors for the club, various projects, etc.
  • CBS Sport also needs volunteers for a sponsor committee and thus helping financing the different sports.

Volunteer for your sport

  • Coach (e.g. planning practices, picking teams, etc.)
  • Team Responsible (e.g. help to make everything around the sport run as smoothly as possible, and assist the coach in the daily work)
  • Sports Responsible (e.g. responsible for the individuel sport)

If you want to help your club (and improving your CV at the same time), becoming a volunteer is a good way to help the many busy people to make CBS Sport the best club in Copenhagen.

If this is something for you, then contact and tell us something about yourself, and what you would prefer to volunteer for.