Bk. Heimdal vs. CBS Sport Football Women

On Sunday the 3rd of March CBS Sport Football Women hoped to get a victory in their second 11-a-side practice match. Last time we met Heimdal Bk. we won 2-0and Heimdal ended Serie 1 ranking as no. 5, where CBS Sport ended as no. 4.


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Hannah – Hansen – Brunsgaard – Majbritt
Midfield: Camilla – Birgitte – Anne-Mette – Kathrin
Striker: Birita – Knudsen
Sub: CC, Julie Nyboe, Refvem, Lisa, Brini

Opposed to last practice match, we actually had a lot of subs this time, which was awesome – and also a perfect opportunity for the coach to test some of the new players, and a chance for the new players to show their worth.

1st half

The first minutes of first half looked quite good. Coach Jeppe had asked us to put the pressure high, which worked very well. But somehow, we started to fall back and then first half wasn’t any fun.

First goal was scored by Bk. Heimdal, who got a pass towards goal, which Cecilie called out to be hers. But she miscalculated the distance to the ball and the striker heading for the ball ended up scoring. 1-0 to Bk. Heimdal.

Second goal, was Cecilie one-on-one with the striker from Bk. Heimdal. Cecilie ended up taking down the player instead of the ball and the ref ruled penalty kick, which Bk. Heimdal positioned in the opposite side of where Cecilie went. 2-0.

At the end of first half CBS Sport managed to score. Anne-Mette sent a perfect pass to Birita, who manage to leap the ball to the right of the goalkeeper who had gotten a bit far out of the goal. 2-1.

2nd half

In second half, Bk. Heimdal had a corner kick that was cleared at first, but then got in to the box again leaving Cecilie with two opponents, who managed to get it in. 3-1.

Later on in the match Bk. Heimdal had another pass towards goal chased by a striker. Two CBS Sport players were right in her heels, but she managed to shot and Cecilie who had gotten a bit too far out, got her hand on the ball, but only enough to lead it to the cross. 4-1.

To make the result look a bit better, Camilla made a pass from the side line, which – helped by an opponent – got to Knudsen, who managed to score! 4-2.

In retrospect

This match wont go down in history as anything glorious. But we learned some lessons (or were reminded of some stuff) and got to see what some of the new players could bring to the pitch. Last 11-a-side practice match is on the 17th of March, where Bk. Skjold’s team from the Københavnerserie probably is gonna give us a football lesson. But we’re ready and looking forward to see what we can bring in a match like that.

Result: 4-2 (defeat)
Goals: Birita (assist: Anne-Mette), Knudsen (assist: Camilla)
Woman of the Match: Majbritt and Anne-Mette