Boards Blog – Another year has passed

That was the year that was…

Another year has passed in CBS Sport. Since most of our sports are in the middle of the season it is hard to predict how many of our teams who will respectively move up or down. It is worth mentioning that the men’s floorball team is currently number two in the third division, the first men’s handball team is number three in series 1, and the first women’s handball team is number two in series 1. CBS Sport Tennis has with the new tennis responsibles, Philippa and Benedikte, seen a rise in the number of members and tennis held its first tournament in late November.

We are still facing huge challenges with regard to practice facilities for floorball and we hope for a better solution in the future.


In September, we held several events: CBS Sport Day, CBS Sport Street Football Tournament and the CBS Campus Relay. The campus relay was held for the third consecutive year, whereas the two other events were “first-timers”. Regardless of the repetition all three events were successful. In October, we held the CBS Sport Challenge for the second consecutive year. More than 600 participants competed in five different sports for great prizes.

In 2011 we will continue to be involved with numerous events. Please stay updated by looking at our event calendar for January and February elsewhere in this newsletter.

New sports

Lately, we have had several inquiries from CBS students to start up new sports. At the moment we are working on practical things such as the economic aspect, facilities and volunteers. It will be interesting to see if we can offer a couple of new sports in 2011. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Christmas is here and that means spending time with family and enjoying the surprise by wrapping gifts up. I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Hope to see you in 2011.