Boards blog – Can we do better?

We are stronger as a group

Can we do better? The board is well into the fall season and many of our projects have been well-executed and have gone as planned. But how can we do better? For me CBS Sport stands for a great group of people who want to get fit together, a group of people that always want to meet new and exciting people, a group of people that can be proud to say ‘hey I’m a part of CBS Sport’. So we need not to worry about what event is coming up next but more on how we can change them so that they incorporate all of what CBS Sport means.

My experience

In the beginning of the season I went out with a group of volunteers to present CBS Sport to the new students. First of all it was amazing to meet the new students and feel the charged and nervous atmosphere that fills the room of anxious new students with lots of expectations. In conducting the presentations, I wanted all the new students to see that by joining our club it was a way to get ahead and move beyond the simple textbook study lifestyle. One key message that I tried to push ahead was the benefits from doing exercise but also the importance of investing time in people, which gives you much more than what can simply be learnt in the everyday classroom book.

I started in CBS Sport by playing rugby. I did not know the sport or had any particular flair for it, but what kept me going was the great people around me. I wanted to learn more about CBS Sport – So I joined the board earlier this year.

To say that it hasn’t been hard or challenging would be one of the biggest lies, it has definitely had its ups and downs along with its enormous learning curve but in the process I met new great people. This time though it was not just rugby people it was across all different assortments of sports. Apart from the obvious others in the board, I met everyone; volunteers, contact people, enthusiasts, football fans, foosball fans and even the random new students that wish to make CBS Sport better. I could not be more thankful for this, as I began to meet new people push beyond my boundaries and finally find my flair again.

I found that by helping eachother out, everybody was happier and the feeling of solidarity and togetherness could be similar of the feeling a sports team get. So remember that when you are a part of CBS Sport you have the option to expand your team from not just including your sports team, but all the volunteers at CBS Sport.

Something more

Being a volunteer will almost certainly give you new friends and great experiences, it makes you a part of something bigger. At the moment we are looking for people to help out and organize the Dodgeball Tournament, but we can always use more help; it just makes the club even better. We benefit and you benefit from this. Come to the legendary CBS Sport Christmas Party the 23rd of November and meet new people, and think about what CBS Sport means to you, and can you help out, meet great people and be a part of this experience?

So my question to you now is: How do I get you to be a part of my extended CBS Sport family? What would make you integrate more in the club? And last but not least: Will I see you at the Christmas Party the 23rd of November?!!

Best regards,

Pernille Schrøder

Board Member of CBS Sport