Boards blog – The Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting

So, a blog is something new that we are doing. The idea with this blog, is to give you a little information on what the board spends their time doing, and our thoughts on different subjects.

I am going to start with the Annual General Meeting. There was a lot of talk about the economy, and it seems like there is a lot of uncertainty about how the economy works in CBS Sport. So I think, that our members should know that each sport has their own budget and economy, and that the player fees goes to the sport and not to administration of the club. Also our members should know that the sports responsible are responsible for the budget of their sport (along with the treasurer), and the board is responsible for the budget of the administrative part of the club, events and the economy in general. So if you have any questions about the economy at your sport you should go to your sports responsible, and if you have questions about the economy in general you should ask the board.

Another big subject at the Annual General Meeting was the sports pool. The board wants to ensure you all that we heard the opinions at the AGM, and that we are going to invite everyone who is interested to a workshop about the conditions of the pool and how to finance it.

The Board

I think, that many of our members do not know what the board is doing other than going to board meetings once a month. Last year, the board spent a lot of time on improvement of the facilities for some of our sports. This includes the venue at Sydhavnen as well as trying to ensure 11 a-side goals for our football teams. We also spent a great deal of time arranging the CBS Sport Challenge, where we had no event coordinator last year, and on the Dodgeball tournament earlier this month. And of course the daily tasks as accounting, purchase of equipment, smaller events at CBS, intro presentations, meetings with CBS and the other student organizations and much much more. This next year the focus will probably be on some different areas and time will show, where our resources are used best.

As you can see the board has a lot of things to do but we are also open to new ideas and inputs. So if you have an idea, write an e-mail to one of the board members. We appreciate when our members get involved and want to help develop CBS Sport and make it an even better club. But also remember that for every new idea we receive we will probably need a couple of extra hands to make it possible.

So, as always, if anyone is interested in volunteering, whether it is at events, on ad hoc basis or as a regular volunteer do not hesitate to contact the board, where extra help can also always be used. Here on the webpage you can find the contact information of the board as well as an overview of the responsibilities of the different board member so you know who to contact.

While we are at the subject of volunteering; As always we cannot thank our volunteers enough. Whether it is the sports responsibles, coaches, team leaders, party crew, event coordinators or ad hoc volunteers, we really appreciate the work you put into CBS Sport. I am sure that all our members appreciate your volunteer work too, as well as I hope that the work of the board also is appreciated.

CBS Sport Dodgeball Tournament 2013

I have already quickly mentioned the Dodgeball tournament, but I have to mention a little more. I must say that it was a bigger success than we could have hoped for. I think that many people were sceptic about a Dodgeball tournament inside Ovnhallen but we proved them wrong. It was really great to see so many participants and supporters at the event, and to experience the fantastic atmosphere at Porcelænshaven. I am already looking forward to CBS Sport repeating the success next year.

So I think that I only have one thing left. It is to tell you that I and the rest of the board are also looking forward to two great events in the next couple of weeks. First we have the special lecture at CBS in cooperation with Danske Bank (read more here) and the Street Football Tournament (read more here). We hope to see all of you there!

Best regards,
Stine Corlin Christensen
Chairman of CBS Sport