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What has happend

30th of June 2013
by Casper Koll-Petersen

It is now two months since our first blog post and that gives me the opportunity to talk a bit of what has been going on in CBS Sport since then.

Street Football

On the 16th of May we held CBS Sport Street Football Tournament 2013. We had some issues with the pitch that we bought for this and future events, but with a good effort from the volunteers, it was still possible to go through with the tournament.

On behalf of CBS Sport I would like congratulate the three winning teams: Los Malotes, FIFA to fum and Achtenachtig with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively. If you are interested in reading more about the tournament, it is possible to do so here.

Two years has run by since our last street football tournament – this has mainly been due to the Metro construction site at Solbjerg Plads. That is the reason why we moved the tournament to the parking lot at Dalgas Have. We aim to host the CBS Sport Street Football Tournament annually during the spring, and we hope to see a lot next year.

Success on the pitch

Since our last blog post, there has been a lot of success in many of our sports. Rugby is taking a deserved summer break, being unbeaten half way through the season. This has come from three victories against Roskilde, RK Speed II and CSR/Wolves and a draw in their last match against Frederiksberg Rugby.

Handball participated with two teams in the summer tournament. The first team finished first in their league with four points down to Freja HK – this came with only one loss in the ten matches. At the same time the second team finished 3rd in their league, winning half of all their matches. This gives us the hope of a good 2013/14 season for the women’s handball teams.

The spring lead to nothing less than five promotions for our football division. On the women’s side both the 11-a-side team and the 7-a-side team got promoted from their division. On the men’s side, one of the 7-a-side team got promoted while both the first and second 11-a-side team got promoted. This means that for the first time in the history of CBS Sport we have a football team in Serie 3, as well as three teams in three different leagues.

At the same time it looks like our Skaterhockey team is finishing second in the best league in eastern Denmark (Mesterrækken). A big congratulation with the silver medal.

Summer Party

Last weekend we had the annual summer party to celebrate the great results and to see all your friends from the club a last time before going on vacation. And as the tradition states the sports get a chance of awarding the player(s) of the year. Handball took the opportunity to congratulate the following three players with the honour of being player of the year

  • 1st team: Nadia Otte
  • 2nd team: Anna Pors Andersen
  • 3rd team: Stine Corlin Christensen

Until next time

Even though many of you might be on vacation, the board is still working hard to give all of you the best sports club in Copenhagen. Please use your opportunity to influence the club by showing up for the workshop on the 9th of July with the webpage as the topic.

The summer has already come to Denmark with the usual rain and bad weather. I am really hoping that weather will show itself from its finest side this summer, and on behalf of CBS Sport I will wish you all a great summer in Denmark or wherever your plans might take you.

Finally remember that our volunteers are not paid because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.

Best regards,

Casper Koll-Petersen

Board Member of CBS Sport
Chairman of CBS Sport