Britt Lorenzen won the Stå Stærkere Prisen!

At the CBS Sport Christmas Party our sponsor, Danske Bank, awarded a person, who makes CBS Sport stand stronger, with Stå Stærkere Prisen.

The members had been encouraged to nominate a fellow member for the award. There were a lot of great nominations and the board was pleased to see that so many of the CBS Sport member wanted to award a fellow member for his or her hard work and effort in making their team and the club stand stronger.

The nominated were:

Johann Thomsen (Badminton Responsible)
Candy Wong (Basketball Responsible)
Asbjørn Knudsen (Basketball Team Leader for the 1st team)
Cecilie Rasmussen (Football Player and Webmaster)
Birgitte Brems (Football Player)
Majbritt Korsgaard Hansen (Football Player)
Britt Lorenzen (Handball Responsible)
Christoffer Larsen (Handball Coach and Cashier)
Natja Grønvaldt (Handball Player)
Nicolai Nygaard Petersen (Rugby Responsible)
Nicolai Illum Eppers (Skaterhockey Responsible)

Danske Bank chose three of the nominated and honored them at the Christmas Party by announcing why each of the three were nominated:

Cecilie Rasmussen

Nominated for her effort as “Bødekassemester” (managing the team’s fine box) and being the Soccermon of the womens football team. Furthermore she was nominated for doing the job as the CBS Sport webmaster and for always volunteering when CBS Sport needs an extra helping hand.

Nicolai Illum Eppers

Nominated for his effort as Skaterhockey Responsible, for making CBS Sport Skaterhockey develop from 5 to 40 players in two years, and for making CBS Sport the first skaterhockey team in Copenhagen to have indoor practice facilities.

Britt Lorenzen

Nominated for her effort as Handball Responsible, for always trying to recruit new players for the teams and for letting all players feel welcome in the club. Furthermore she manages as a Handball Responsible to keep everyone informed and managing all the work with the players licenses, which is quite a big job.

Danske Bank awarded Britt Lorenzen with the ‘Stå Stærkere Prisen’ and gave her a check of 750DKK.

CBS Sport wants to thank Danske Bank for the great award, all members for the great nominations and a standing ovation to Britt Lorenzen for getting the award!