CBS Sport Challenge 2014

Last Friday was a great day with lots of intense competition and exciting finals!


First of all, a massive thanks to E.ON, Carlsbergfondet & SL-Fonden, who made this day possible, by being our main sponsors!

E.ON even participated in a Volleyball Show Match against CBS Sport Board. E.ON was well prepared and won the first two sets, however CBS Sport Board never surrendered and managed to win the last set.

Thank you all – participants, volunteers, winners and spectators – for a great lots of sports and finally congratulations to the winners of CBS Sport Challenge 2014! We hope you all enjoyed the awesome prizes, from our many sponsors.

If any of you followed our little serial with last year’s winners (Part 1 (football), Part 2 (volleyball), Part 3 (badminton)) you’ll see that USG took their fourth victory in a row, leaving DTU and CBS Sport on respectively 2nd and 3rd. Furthermore the football team Flækkeholdet (this year named “Forsvarende Mestre” meaning “Defending Champions”) was not even near top three, but had to pass the thropy on to FC Sjovtåsjådæ. Last Tangmo was poor at naming badminton names to look out for as neither Aleksander Mollgaard, Kathrine Nielsen, Jens-Emil Nielsen and Morten Bach made it to top three..

We hope – and look forward – to seeing you all next year for CBS Sport Challenge 2015.

The awesome pictures from the day will be posted here and on facebook soon!




Men Single

  1. Thore Møller-Haastrup
  2. Martin Hjort
  3. Morten Mathiessen

Women Single

  1. Katrine Liebst
  2. Keike Liane Schröder
  3. Anette Andersen

Mix Double

  1. Katrine Liebst & Morten Mathiessen
  2. Keike Liane Schröder & Allexander Møllgaard
  3. Amanda Jensen & Erik Cook Pedersen



  1. Cand. Buckets
  2. Appendix 4B Okay Hæy
  3. Psykopaterne



  1. FC Sjovtåsjådæ
  2. Sledge & Co
  3. Real Fin(e)



  1. USG
  2. DTU
  3. CBS Sport