CBS Sport Christmas Party 2009

This is the season to be jolly… And CBS Sport wants to make sure that YOU will be jolly this Christmas…! Last year more than a hundred people had a blast at the Christmas party, and this year’s Christmas party will be even better!!!

Our infamous CBS Sport Christmas Party will take place on Saturday the 28th of November 2009, at Marskensgade 7, 2100 København Ø. (Busses 1A and 15 from Østerport, or 14, 15 and 1A from Svanemøllen station).

The party starts at 17.30, and on this glorious Christmas night we will stuff ourselves with delicious Christmas food, sing songs about “Snaps” and dance all night long – or at least until 03:00 in the morning, where the party ends. There will also be a “special event” after dinner………..

As usual we have our award show, where various sports will announce their “Player of the year” – are you one of the lucky ones???

As usual we will have a delicious bar with very low prices, and a cloakroom for only 10 kr. with at least one person guarding your coat and/or bags all night – so remember to bring cash for both!

The price for this fabulous event is 150 kr., and includes a huge Christmas buffet and Snaps during dinner. You have to transfer the 150 kr. before Wednesday the 18th of November. You can buy your ticket at the CBS Sport Office (location: or by transferring to our account in Danske Bank: Reg#4530, Acc#4530138925 – it’s VERY important that you write your name and sport when you transfer the money, so we can see exactly who has paid.

This year we have a limited amount of tickets for the party, so sign up NOW – first-come, first-served.

If you have any questions, please contact us by emailing Mette Bohnstedt at or by calling her at 28264350.

We look forward to seeing you at the greatest CBS Sport event of the year!!

All the best Christmas wishes

The Party Crew

Morten, Mikkel, Chris, Henriette, Darija, Nicolai, Stina, Eva, Jonas and Mette.