CBS Sport Christmas Party 2012

58 ladies, 55 gents, and 11 bottles of schnapps = CBS Sport Christmas!

A night we’ll never forget: As always, we started out with delicious Danish Christmas food while drinking our beloved schnapps and singing: “Da Hønsehuset brændte ville hanen ikke ud…” – in English: “When the hen house burned the cock didn’t want to go out…” (It really only sounds good in Danish!)

Our very own DJ, Rhieanne Saunders, from the womens football team, kicked the party of with the mandatory Christmas songs like ‘All I want For Christmas Is You’, to classics like ‘Jump On It’, and finally the newest hits like ‘One Day’. The temperature on the dance floor got hotter and hotter in sync with the music getting louder and louder.

Unfortunately, we never saw a sight of the Panther with a pixie hat on the dance floor (he had probably had too much schnapps – poor thing). At 2 am there were 15 beers and 25 ciders left – so thanks to all of you for doing a great job and keeping the bartenders busy! The party was a huge success and we hope to see you all again to the CBS Sport Summer Party, 22nd of June 2013. We’re already looking forward to it!

Yours truly,
the CBS Sport Party Crew

On the website we had a poll asking; “How much beer and cider was (appr.) left after the awesome CBS Sport Christmas Party 2012?”. This is how the votes allocated – the correct answer was 15 beers and 25 ciders.

  • None 30 %
  • 0 beers and 20 ciders 33 %
  • 15 beers and 25 ciders 26 %
  • 30 beers and 40 ciders 11 %