CBS Sport Christmas Party 2014

UPDATE 11/11: Deadline has passed, and the guest list is therefore closed!
If you have any questions about the party, feel free to contact CBS Sport Party Crew at

Remember to nominate candidates for Volunteer of the Year Award 2014 – deadline is 14th of November!

This is the season to be jolly – and CBS Sport wants to make sure that you will be jolly this Christmas!

The annual CBS Sport Christmas Party will take place on Saturday the 29th of November 2014, at Høffdingsvej 35, 2500 Valby.

The party starts at 17.00, and on this glorious Christmas night we will stuff ourselves with delicious Christmas food and drinks. The party will start with a happy hour from 17-18 so make sure to come early and exploit the opportunity.

In accordance with our traditions in CBS Sport we will have our award show where various sports will announce their player of the year – are you the lucky one? Also Danske Bank will be awarding a lucky person who has been doing a great job for the club.

The bar will of course have low student friendly prices – so remember to bring cash, as we do not accept any cards.

The cost for this fabulous event is DKK 150 and includes a huge Christmas buffet, DJ and the joy of partying with all your favourite CBS Sport’ers.
Go to CBS Sport Webshop to purchase your ticket!

The deadline for signing up is on Sunday the 9th of November. Please note that there is a limited number of seats available so sign up soon. Furthermore the CBS Sport Christmas Party is of course for members only!

If you have any questions regarding the party, please contact us on

We are looking forward to a blast of a party


All the best Christmas wishes
The Party Crew
Julie, Kathrin, Søren, Morten & Lars

The guest list

Christina Walldeskog (football)
Stefán Omar Stefánsson (football)
Raphael Zajac (rugby)
Birgitte Brems (football)
Jeppe Udklit Svendsen (football)
Alexander Borm (rugby)
Maiken Borg (football)
Mathias Jørgensen (football)
Caroline Lemvigh (football)
Camilla Henriksen (tennis)
Anja Villumsen (rugby)
Jonas Jensen (football)
Christina Løtzsch Hansen (football)
Stine Corlin Christensen (handball)
Henriette Jensen (handball)
Joachim Satchwell (football)
Valentina Biancofiore (basketball)
Rasmus Nissen (football)
Nanna Strunge Jensen (rugby)
Ann Jørgensen (rugby)
Camilla Borg (football)
Michael Magee (football)
Jens-Henrik Rosasco Holm Hansen (football)
Christina Könnecke (rugby)
Viktoria Wiklicky (rugby)
Nicolai Nygaard Petersen (rugby)
Edoardo Marangon (football)
Eva Østergaard Skaarup (football)
Thomas Staalager (football)
Lea Hermansen (basketball)
Teis Waldorff (football)
Nanna Buhl Nielsen (football)
Rasmus Dybkjær (football)
Christian Jung Jørgensen (football)
Kristoffer Brodersen (football)
Mia Skræddergaard (football)
Birita Christiansen (passive)
Allan Kristiansen (football)
Jussi Saha (rugby)
Jonas Valentiner (football)
Christopher Boyle (rugby)
Bianca Wilson (football)
Carsten Svaneborg (rugby)
Youssef Mohamed (football)
Martha Freiberg (rugby)
Thomas Mühlebach (rugby)
Peter Wynne (rugby)
Malte Hammershøj (football)
Linda Boldt (basketball)
Ingrid Ringen (football)
Mie Taagegaard Martinussen (football)
Malene Pedersen (football)
Pernille Sandholdt (football)
Majbritt Korsgaard Hansen (football)
Kathrine Stone (football)
Daniel Søgaard Nielsen (football)
Maja Friis (basketball)
Sven Modrow (tennis)
Nicole Lee (basketball)
Ditte Zwicky (football)
Frederik von der Recke (football)
Britt Lorenzen (handball)
Jakob Johannesen (football)
Casper Koll (football)
Wasiem von Heydebrand (football)
Kasper Ryholt (handball)
David Høgenhaven (football)
Casper Christensen (handball)
Ditte Søgaard Andersen (handball)
Frederik Thalund (handball)
Rikke Degn Nielsen (handball)
Andreas Thune Andersen (football)
Nadjia Voss (basketball)
Lærke Mindegaard (handball)
Pernille Schrøder (rugby)
Caspar Thorup (rugby)
Astrid Askehave Henriksen (rugby)
Nadia Otte (handball)
Peter Rytter (badminton)
Ailish O’Donoghue (basketball)
Marie Serup (rugby)
Yuxian Fang (basketball)
Camilla Sørensen (rugby)
Daniel Henriks (football)
Casper Søgaard-Hansen (football)
Veronica Blumenthal (rugby)
Dea Romero-Karlsen (rugby)
Felix Haufe (football)
Linette Kjærgård Nielsen (handball)
Manuel Erzuah (football)
Caroline Dyg Pedersen (handball)
Mikkel Søndergaard (football)
Camilla Carlsen (football)
Jens-Emil Nielsen (badminton)
Kathrine Nielsen (badminton)
Rikke Hedegaard Larsen (handball)
Anne Sofie Sørensen (handball)
Kristian Søndberg (handball)
Kristian Kromann (handball)
Ditte Sofie Nielsen (handball)
Christoffer Halken (badminton)
Martin Hjorth (badminton)
Rigel Ng (rugby)
Johan Bender (passive)
Henrik Allentoft (badminton)
Niels Wegener (handball)
Lucia Vengrinova (badminton)
Sara Lützen (handball)
Aleksander Møllgaard (badminton)
Kiri Christensen (football)
Dorian Erkens (rugby)
Patrick Stricker (football)
Asger Bryderup (Honored Member)
Desmond Wulf (volleyball)
Thomas Skogemann (volleyball)
Simone Raahauge Hjelm (badminton)
Ming Cheng (passive)
Zuzana Dancova (basketball)
Jonas Rasmussen (football)
Amalie Jakobsen (handball)
Lasse Jessen (football)
Mette Roed-Kristensen (basketball)
Maria Johnsen (handball)
Frederik Hemmingsen (handball)
Jesper Jacobsen (football)
Andreas Nørsgaard (passive)