CBS Sport Cricket vs Hvidovre CC

CBS Sport arrived 10.00 sharp, to get ready spiritually and physically against Hvidovre CC, Leela Bowled the first bowl towards Hammad on the pitch. In the next over Azhar took over the bowling and bowled towards Majid AkA. “Majistical Gir Liv 24 – 7”.

The fielding was tight as Hassan, Shabbaz, Jamal, Omar and Huzefa had dropped only 3 out of 20 catches (You know Catches Win Matches).
On the bench we had two chilled players: Waqar and debutant Yousaf that were relaxing in the Sun.

The time went by quickly and by 1100 there was no sign of Hvidovre CC the rumor had it, they were frightened. But after a quick call to their team manager it was clear that they had forgotten about the match. CBS Sport Cricket was full of cricket enthusiasm so they all went to KB and practiced in the nets.
Everybody showed good skills.

Man of the net: Yousaf
Fighter of the day: Hvidovre CC.

Written by: Hammad Qureshi (Super Keeper)