CBS Sport Cricket vs. Køge on 02.05.2009

It was a wonderful sunny day, with people anxious to play their first Cricket match of the season against Køge, who we lost to last year with only 15 runs. The weather was good, as we arrived to Køge Stadium, people started quickly to dress into their lovely cricket clothes. The players started some fielding warm up clearly indicating, that we wished to bowl first. As the CBS Sport Cricket team Captain went out to the pitch with Køge’s captain, unfortunately Captain Majid lost the toss, but Køge choose to bat first so it was great. While Waqar was still sleeping in the dress room, it was decided that we would play a match of 32 overs.

As the match began Køge struggled in the batting and made 103 runs from 32 overs. While Jamal had taken 4 wickets it was unbelievable that no catches had been dropped by CBS Sport, with an extremely good fielding and tight bowling by Leela, it looked dark for Køge. Captain Majid was very delighted with the performance.

As CBS Sport Cricket now had to bat Hamza Mir and Waqar Ahmed become essential openers for the team, Hamza Mir contributed with 15 runs and stayed on the pitch as long as he could, while Waqar made more than fifty runs given him a good start. At the end of the 20th over CBS Sport Cricket had made 106 runs and packed the game and took home a win from Køge.

Man of the match: Jamal Faqiri
Fighter of the Match: Waqar Ahmed

Written by: Hammad Qureshi (Super Keeper)