CBS Sport Dodgeball Tournament 2015!

Once again the tournament was a big success with a lot of players, good atmosphere and action.

The competition was tough and new teams had signed up in the hope of defeating “The Undefeated” who’d been the winner twice years in a row. And that they did! Team Maltha ‘killed’ everyone on their way and managed to run away with the victory. The 2nd place went to team KK Navy Seals and 3nd place to team Grab my Balls. They were the lucky winners of prizes sponsored by CBS Sport, Colgate-Palmolive and Academic Books. Congratulations!

But at CBS Sport we don’t only value great dodgeball skills but also great team spirit. This year the prize for best team spirit went to team Drunken Yokai, who was sharing good energy and spirit both on and off court. They were the winner of cinema tickets sponsored by CA A-kasse. A great congratulations to you as well!

Drunken Yokai won for best team spirit!

However it was not only Drunken Yokai who was sharing good energy! People were having a lot of fun taking pictures to our instagram competition; funny faces and poses were made! The prize for best instagram photo went to Mathias Buur for sharing a funny photo of him and his team members. Thank you for sharing and congratulations! You can find all the great photos at instagram with #CBSSPORT06.

Thank you all for joining this year’s Dodgeball Tournament and a special thanks to all our volunteers for making it happen! Also a big thanks to E.ON for their great support to CBS Sport and contribution to the Dodgeball Tournament!

You can find the rest of the pictures from the tournament here on our facebook profile (remember to tag yourself and your friends) and watch the awesome video from the day below or here!