CBS Sport Floorball wins unofficial Danish Championship for 3rd division!

CBS Sport Floorball travelled to Eggerslevmagle for the unofficial Danish Championship for 3rd division. All other winners from 3rd division were invited, but unfortunately a lot of the teams from Jutland did not show up.

CBS Sport Floorball arrived fashionably late – and paid dearly, as no warm up was possible before the first match. Which in turn was lost 2-0. Hereafter CBS Sport Floorball got started and never lost another game.

In the final, CBS Sport Floorball met the local team from Eggerslevmagle Eagles and unfortunately the referees where also from Eggerslevmagle. After a scoreless match, CBS Sport Floorball took the lead with one minutte to go. Then a terrible foul was commited (after which Eggerslevmagle scored) but the referee said play on and hell broke loose, as CBS Sport Floorball let the referees know, how bad they were.

The match then went to overtime, where no goals were scored. Then the penalty shootout began and after several scores and missed, our goalie managed to make a one-handed save to secure the victory!