CBS Sport Football – BK Volvox

Second game of the season

On this tuesday night brawl we continued the good effort from the first game. Bk Volvox, a team who had managed a draw against Oympia, the league winner from last season, was brought to its knees 4-2. Nor this game was not void of wrong throws, Thanks Lau 😉

We were back on artificial grass, and maybe this was partial explanation for the game flowing a bit better. However, we were to a great extent overmatched in the first half where Volvox had most of the possession. It seemed that the wind was again an important factor in the game.
Nevertheless, we stood well everywhere on the pitch, and from the defense to the offense we provided a great defensive effort. Our strategy of letting them come to us seemingly was working well as we did not allow for many open chances though the opponent played fast and moved quickly in their offense. Only the occasional glitch in the defense provided some opportunities.

But CBS was not devoid of good drives, and we managed on several occasions to threaten Volvox`s goal. Lau put a good header on a cross close to the goal line but were unable to keep it down, and the header was a good deal tall of the cross bar. Instead it was Allan who out of the blue saw an opportunity to send the ball flying from the distance. From about 20 meters he semi-volleyed a header from Tingaard and the ball took off in a large graceful arc over the keeper and into the right side of the goal. An amazing goal!

Unfortunately we raked in an equalizer as well. On a corner kick, it must have been the smallest player on the pitch who got to the header first and at close range put it comfortably in the back of the net. The defense did not look good in that situation, and it seems we have a lot to work on in that respect.

thus the half ended 1-1

From the second half we got off to a much better start. We were now in a dominant position, the passes was beginning to hit its marked and we came ever closer to the opponents goal. It was thus somewhat of a blow to the head when Stefan came a bit too far out of the goal so that the volvox attacker was able to loop it over his head after winning a one-on-one run against Nikolai S. It was otherwise a great match for both of them..

However, we kept working at it and our patience paid off. Tinggard, like in the first match, scored an impressive goal from the edge of the penalty area by shooting the bal flat towards the long corner, this time from the right side. The shot came after running up a pass from Jonas. Thus we were level again 2-2.

The game continued with CBS playing really well, and on the side line a feeling was emerging that going home with less than a win would be an aggravating result. And our prayers were heard 10 minutes before full time when Lau receiving a high pass from Nikolai S looped the ball over the keeper to 3-2, another well-executed goal. The last ten minutes thus became a nerve-wrecking affair, where among other things Tim was punished by receiving a (deserved – sorry Tim) yellow card for a lot of small incidents that had built up over the course of the game.

A final relief set in when in the dying seconds Nikolai S sent another cross in that Nikolaj F managed to direct behind the keeper by the left post.

Another great win, this time against a worthy opponent, which makes the victory all the more sweeter! league 3 here we come 😉