CBS Sport Football gets three points!

As CIK couldn’t assemble a team for the match, CBS Sport was given three points without playing – but IF they had played it would’ve been like this..

A well prepared CBS Sport team showed up for the match vs. CIK at Kløvermarken, and the weather promised for a nice game on beautiful sunny Amager.

CBS Sport started the game in the usual 4-4-3 formation:

Goal: Malte
Defense: Jonas R – Sandal – Rasmus – Lars
Midfield: Jimmy – Allan – Joachim – Mads
Offense: Frederik – Manuel – Brenøe

The game was off to a dull start, and the seagulls were the most interesting sights in the first 10-15 min. After this period, the game started to loosen up and CBS Sport took the majority of the possession but creating only a few half chances which the CIK keeper had no trouble handling. Of course Allan had some nice long-range efforts, only missing the flying seagulls by inches. This made for great applause from both spectators.

CIK had nothing to show for, so a boring first half ended 0-0 with CBS being the dominant team.

CIK came blazing out for the 2nd half, and CBS Sport had to withstand some heavy pressure the first 5-10 minutes.

The first goal came from a counter where Brenøe totally miskicks the ball, which luckily found Manuel who taps it in for a 1-0 lead for CBS Sport, the CIK goalkeeper was left stranded.

This setup would almost repeat itself only minutes after. Manuel gets the ball on the right wing after a nice pass by Jimmy, and Manuel crosses the ball from the right. A hard driven cross which one of the CIK defenders tries to clear, but hits his own man in the back and the ball falls to Brenøe in the area and he finishes clinical in the lower left corner. Again both spectators went wild, and the seagull was joined by a happily looking squirrel. There was much joy to behold.

CBS Sport continued to dominate the game but to be fair, CIK had a few shots, all handled well by Malte.

The surprise of the day was seeing Rasmus on the opponents half, even though it wasn’t a set-piece. He tried his luck from long range and obviously missing the target. The CIK right back had stuck his foot out and deflected it past his own keeper. Own goal and 3-0 for CBS.

The game was wrapped with 10 minutes to go, and no further interesting events occured.

MoM: Allan Kristiansen. Somehow.