CBS Sport Football Men gets awarded!

CBS Sport Football Men awarded ‘Athlete of the Year 2015’!

At Frederiksberg Sporting Union’s (FIU) Annual General Meeting, CBS Sport Football was recognized as Frederikberg’s ‘Athlete of the Year 2015′.

A jury consisting of Morten Jung (chairman of “Kultur- og fritidsudvalget” in Frederiksberg), Søren Greve (branch manager, Nordea Frederiksberg), Michael Christiansen (chairman of FIU), and Morten Friis Outzen (chief editor, Frederiksberg Bladet) awarded CBS Sport Football Men the accolade for sporting excellence, social inclusion, and organizational development.

CBS Sport Football Men have progressed tremendously over the recent years, developing from two teams in Series 4 and 5 to now having three competitive teams in Series 2 and 2x Series 3 in just two years, as well as having a fourth social team in Series 5. However, the club is also eager to provide off-the-pitch possibilities to CBS’ students with events, such as the legendary cup match against FB last year, as well as maintain and expand its ability to offer prime footballing opportunities to rival the best clubs in Copenhagen to students at CBS – points the award’s principal sponsors, Nordea-Fonden, were keen to highlight.

The award means that CBS Sport Football now joins the ranks of FA2000, one of Denmark’s largest football clubs, Falcon’s Men’s basketball team from the best Danish league and Lazar Kuborovic, the youngest-ever world champion in Ju-Jitsu Fighting – and it exemplifies that students (still) have a lot to bring to the table.

The award was received on behalf of the club by Youssef Mohamed and Joachim Satchwell, members of CBS Sport Football’s governing Football Council.

Read the news on FIU’s homepage here and the fine article from FrederiksbergBladet here.