CBS Sport Football promoted to Serie 2!

June 26th, 2014

One year ago, CBS Sport Football’s highest ranked team was promoted to Serie 3 for the first time in the club’s history. Now – one year and 24 matches later – the team found itself in first place and earned back to back promotions!

It was never easy though. Before the last round, the 4 teams in the top of the table could all end up in the top 2 and thereby get the promotion to Serie 2. CBS Sport had put themselves in first place the week before by winning 3-2 in the top match against FC Nyhavn, and that meant that all needed to be done, was to beat Sundby KFUM who was in 10th place and had nothing to play for. The match ended with a very safe 5-1 victory for the CBS Sport guys, and the champagne could pop shortly after the referee had ended the match.

’16 1-0 Mathias Jørgensen (assist: Robin Lorvik)
’19 2-0 Mathias Jørgensen (assist: Frederik Leen)
’33 3-0 Frederik Leen (assist: Julian Brevig)
Half time
’53 (YC) Peter Larsen
’61 4-0 Mathias Jørgensen (assist: Allan) – Goal number 100!!
’64 5-0 Mathias Jørgensen (unassisted)
’83 5-1 Jonas Kristensen (o.g.)
’87 (YC) Opponent

– We are extremely happy to have finished the season with 3 wins. Had we lost points in any of those 3 games, we would have ended in 4th. Especially the match against FC Nyhavn was a thriller where Nyhavn was far the better team for big parts of the match, as commented by coach Thomas Staalger after the promotion was secured.

Looking back at the season, CBS Sport got a shaky start to life in Serie 3, with 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 loses in the first 6 games, but after that, the next 10 matches gave 9 wins and just FC Nyhavn managed to win against the CBS Sport team with the result 4-1 in FC Nyhavns favour in Kløvermarken.

– Those 9 wins put us in 1st place making us the favorites to win the league. We truly believed we were the best team in the league, and played with great confidence. That confidence though, came back to haunt us. We played some really bad matches against PI Football and Vestia and lost both. At that point, we thought we had lost it all. The other top teams won all their matches and already with 6 matches to go, we depended on other teams to start losing. At the same time, a lot of players didn’t turn up for practice and the team spirit seemed to drop a bit in that period, explains Coach Thomas.

Thankfully both ØKF and Bk. Pioneren (in particular) ended up helping CBS Sport to reach their goal; Pioneren won 3-2 against Bispebjerg and ØKF got a win against JIF Hakoah in the last rounds, and with a lot of matches between the other top teams, CBS Sport was all of a sudden back at the top with the possibility of determine their own faith by winning the last two matches to win the league.

Now, new challenges waits in Serie 2, and new players will have to be added to the team during the summer.

– We know that both Marco and Theis from our starting 11 wont be here for the next half year, as they are going abroad for a semester. We do have quality in the squad to replace them, but we need to extend the team by some players to be ready for the new season. I hope for some new young CBS students to strengthen the team and we’ve had great success with tryouts for new students the last few years – but we also have some very good players on the other two teams who could be a possibility as well – we’ll see. For now, everyone deserves a break from football. We started on January 4th and the new season is already less than 2 months away, Coach Thomas ends off.

Besides winning the league, CBS Sport was also the highest scoring team, scoring an impressive 101 goals in the 24 matches. Top scorer was Mathias Jørgensen (see picture) who scored no less than 40 goals in 20 matches.

The team is expected to start practice around August 1st. New CBS students who want to try out for the team can contact CBS Sport Football on mail –

Congratulations to the team and good luck in Serie 2 next season!