CBS Sport Football Women (11) vs. Nørrebro United

Date: October 25th, 2015

Venue: JJV

After getting the good news of the W7.1’s 12-0 win against FA2000, the team was ready to take on Nørrebro United!


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Mari – Rakel – Kjældgaard – Benno
Midfield: Marlen – My – Laura – Cirkeline – Caro
Striker: Kiri

Subs: Rolle

The match

The match started quite messy, and only momentarily any of the teams got some good play.. First half counted good chances on both halfs; Nørrebro United got a chance, where Cecilie came out of the goal forcing the attacking player to shoot a bit off target and hit the post, where Mari was ready to clear the ball – later on Cecilie also managed a save in full lenght, but again relying on a strong defense to clear the ball afterwards. In the other end, Kiri managed to outrun the defense AND the goalkeeper, but being at a semi-bad angle her shot was looking like it would go past, so Marlen took the run and secured the goal – unfortunately the ref ruled a wrongful off-side. At least the disallowed goal just got CBS Sport wanting that goal even more and a few plays later Kiri took matters into own hands, as a Nørrebro United-offense was cleared and Kiri took the long ball and dribled her way to the goal and scored. 1-0!

After the longest first half ever, ref called half time, where Jeppe again emphasized to play it save, and with Laura out with her ancle injury still bothering, CBS Sport had to take a defensive take on it all.

In second half Nørrebro United started out with a few good chances – one of them a bit like the first one; Cecilie coming out and forcing the attacking player to shoot on the bar, and Benno ready to clear. This woke up CBS Sport a bit and even though it wasn’t always pretty, CBS Sport had the majority of the play. About halfway through second half, Kiri sent a corner kick to the first post where Rolle stood ready to kick it in! 2-0!

The last ten minutes where a pain – probably both for players and spectators.. All players were obviously tired and even though Nørrebro United had three subs (against CBS Sport’s 0 subs), they looked even more tired. Finally the ref called the match off, and with a better goal score, CBS Sport is now no. 4 with 16 points after 9 matches!

The aftermath

Result: 2-0 (win!)
Goals: 1-0 Kiri (assist: Benno) 2-0 Rolle (assist: Kiri)
Woman of the Match: Kjældgaard