CBS Sport Football Women (7) vs. FB

FB vs. CBS Sport Football Women (7)

Date: April 8, 2014
Venue: Jens Jessens Vej

First 7v7 match of the season was almost at home pitch and just before practice, so a bunch of supporters were ready to cheer the ladies on.


Birita (GK)
Blok (CD) Ditte (CD)
Julia (MF) Knudsen (MF) Katie (MF)
Kiri (ST)

Subs: N/A

1st half

The match started of very well and CBS Sport put a good pressure on FB. FB allowed good space over the middle, which was exploited to move the play forward and get some shots on goal – unfortunately with a lack of precision.

About half way through first half, Knudsen places a ball perfect for Ditte on the edge of the box and Ditte kicks it in for the lead 1-0.

With only minutes to half time, FB has a free kick which unfortunately bounces into Ditte and into goal.. 1-1.

2nd half

As discussed in the half time, CBS Sport continued to exploit the space over the center of the pitch and managed to get a bunch of finishes – unfortunately not any that went in.

Midway, FB gets in the lead, as Birita tought it was going out for goal kick, but somehow got curled into the goal by the opponent. 2-1.

Shortly after, Kiri gets a pass from Blok on the left side and finishes – the goalkeeper saves, but Kiri is over the ball at once and makes sure to kick it in on her second go. 2-2!

Five minutes later, Kiri manages to get CBS Sport in the lead again with a well placed shot from the distance. 3-2!

With only two minutes to final whistle, the ref rules a very questionable penalty commited by Ditte. Despite Birita having her fingers on the ball, FB gets the ball into goal and the match ends 3-3.

In retrospect

Coach Jonas felt that this was a match that should’ve been a win. The three goal FB gets are lucky ones, whereas CBS Sport’s goals were thanks to well play and finishes. All players did very well, and despite the dissapointment of only getting 1 point, the overall feeling was that everyone did a good job.

Result: 3-3 (draw)
Goals: Ditte (assist: Knudsen), Kiri (unassisted), Kiri (assist: Blok)
Woman of the Match: Ditt (Ditte (5), Katie (1), Kiri (1) and Birita (1) got WoM votes