CBS Sport Football Women vs. B93-HIK

Sunday 17th of June 2012


Players: CC, Camilla Borg, Birgitte, Lidegaard, Knudsen, Majbritt, AC, Rhieanne, Kathrin

Match Summary

1-0 Knudsen gets an assist from Lidegaard which she puts in!
2-0 Again Lidegaard is assisting with a ball to CC who scores!

Half time!

3-0 Lidegaard wants to determine her top scorer status and scores uassisted!
3-1 B39-HIK reduces shortly before the final whistle

1-0 Knudsen (assist: Lidegaard)
2-0 CC (assist: Lidegaard)
3-0 Lidegaard (unassisted)

End result: 3-1 WIN!
Woman of the Match: Majbritt