CBS Sport Football Women vs. Bk. Heimdal

Sunday 14th of October 2012


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Norge, Blume, B, Brunsgaard
Midfield: Maria, Annika, Ingrid, Julie, Kathrin
Striker: Charlotte
Subs: Camilla Borg, Veronika, Rhieanne

Match Summary

1-0 After the referee ruled free kick right outside the box, Blume took the shot and placed it right in the goal!
Half time
2-0 Kathrin played the ball to Rhieanne who got the ball to the goalkeeper who fumbled with it and gave Rhieanne the chance to get it into the goal!
1-0 Blume (unassisted)
2-0 Rhieanne (assist: Kathrin)

End result: 2-0 WIN!
Woman of the Match: Kathrin

As KBU is restructuring the series this season, it means that only the top three teams will not be relegated. CBS Sport is currently placed as 5th with 8 points and two matches left. No. 2 got 11 points and no. 3 got 10 points, so it is not impossible! Furthermore no. 3, IF Føryoar, is the opponent in two weeks, on the 27th of October, so a victory for CBS Sport is mandatory!

Finally a big thanks to all the supporters who defied the rain and cheered us on to victory!