CBS Sport Football Women vs. KFB

KFB vs. CBS Sport Football Women

Date: 11th of September 2013
Venue: Kløvermarken

Due to Coach Jeppe being away with work, Coach Jonas stepped in with help from Thomas and Birita. CBS Sport played 0-0 against KFB in the final match of the spring season, “giving” KFB the 1st place of the serie and taking the 2nd place for CBS Sport.

Coach Jeppe had already made a bit of recon pointing out some strenghts on the KFB team, that we should be aware of.


Due to delays, our starting line-up didn’t totally reflect the line-up sent out when the team was picked Monday. Rhieanne subbed Knudsen, so she went from attacking midfield to central midfield, until Julie Palm was ready – and Nathalie subbed Bea, so she took the central defense instead of the wing until B was ready.

Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Brini – Shannon – Bea – Camilla
Midfield: Darija – Knudsen – Rhieanne – Birgitte (C) – Nathalie
Striker: Julie
Subs: Zenia, B, Julie Palm

1st half

First half started with good pressure from CBS Sport – but KFB striked back fast and confirmed our expectations of a tough opponent.

Only about 5 or 10 minutes into the match, the good pressure paid of, as the KBF goalkeeper had a poor attempt of grabbing the ball, giving Nathalie the ball in front of an open goal – which she exploited well. 1-0 for CBS Sport.

The goal frustrated KFB a lot, but it was obvious to see that they were determined to turn things around.

CBS Sport stood their ground, but it showed a bit that the team consisted of a lot of new players – debut for both Julie Palm and Nathalie, and Shannon, Zenia and Bea who’d “only” played one 11-a-side match with CBS Sport before.

In the defense CBS Sport struggled with fast midfielders and strikers, leaving CBS Sport on their heels at times. At the end of 1st half, KFB managed to break through; an opponent got the ball, with Knudsen at her tail – B had the striker in front of goal, but went for the opponent with the ball, who nicely played past B to the striker who one-on-one with Cecilie got past her and set the score to 1-1.

2nd half

In the half time, it was discussed how to curb the problems with their attacking players – it was decided to put the pressure (the defensive line) higher but be more (wo)man-on-(wo)man.

Second half and the new defensive strategy proved to work – even though it took Cecilie a bit out of her comfort zone, as she had to move further up to help the defense with the long balls.

CBS Sport had some good attacks; Zenia got a great pass just in front of goal, that unfortunately didn’t get the needed power, so the goalkeeper could quite easily get it. Also a struggle by Rhieanne close to goal, ended with a ball going towards the goalkeeper which she grabbed – the referee saw it as a pass from the defense to the goalkeeper and ruled indirect free kick. Birgitte took the free kick, passed it to Bea who took a shot at goal; it bounced on an opponent got out to another go and another go, but was then cleared out for another CBS Sport attack. Such a shame!

With about 10 or 15 minutes left, KFB got a good ball down the side, to a fast KFB player with Shannon on her tail. Bea came and backed her up, and they got the opponent forced to change direction to go passed the penalty box towards the opposite side. Bea managed to get the ball away from the opponent, but in a moment of rashness, she decided, not to just clear it over the sideline, but pass the ball behind her – probably assuming that Shannon was there with no opponents – placing the ball perfectly in front of goal to the opponent behind her. Cecilie on the goal was so puzzled by the action from Bea, that she didn’t even reacted on the shot and KFB could get the lead. 2-1.

Coach Jonas decided to get Darija on top, and later on Bea as attacking midfielder – but even these offensive descisions was not enough to change the score (even though it was close!).

In retrospect

CBS Sport didn’t have the best start (despite the goal) and proved that the lack of great team spirit, can take out the energy of even a great team with good players. At half time, the players got it changed around and second half was much better, with way more team spirit and with much more control of the match.

It was too bad, that CBS Sport couldn’t at least keep the one point, but fair to say; the match could’ve ended both ways. And if you can’t score more than one goal in a match, it is going to be tough.

This match also marks an end to a clean sheet strike for the 11-a-side matches. The team managed to get clean sheet in 7 matches in a row! – and it would’ve been 8 matches if the referee hadn’t ruled a penalty last season.. Hopefully CBS Sport can get back to being a feared defense this coming Tuesday, where they are playing Hvidovre IF at Jens Jessens Vej at 20:00!

Result: 2-1 (defeat)
Goal: Natalie (unassisted)
Woman of the Match: Shannon

The WoM votes

Shannon: 12 votes
Zenia, B, Camilla, Knudsen, Julie Palm: 1 vote each