CBS Sport Football Women vs. ØKF

Sunday 30th of September 2012


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Camilla Borg, B, Blume, Norge
Midfield: Brunsgaard, Annika, Birita, Anne-Mette, Kathrin
Striker: Lidegaard
Subs: Knudsen, Hansen, AC

Match Summary

0-1 After having all the play in first half, ØKF creates a big mess in front of the CBS Sport goal and gets it in.
Half time
1-1 Finally CBS Sport get what we deserve! A perfect by-the-book play, where Anne-Mette passes it to Lidegaard who puts it in!
2-1 With about 15 minutes left, Blume was moved up in the offense to make extra pressure. In the very last seconds of the match the high pressure paid of and Knudsen managed to pressure the goalkeeper to fumble the ball into the goal!

1-1 Lidegaard (assist: Anne-Mette)
2-1 Knudsen (assist: Knudsen)

End result: 2-1 WIN!
Woman of the Match: Blume (not by vote, but by dictatorship from the coaches)

A big thank you to Danske Bank who sponsored two bottles of wine for Woman of the Match. And of course a big thank to all the great spectators!