CBS Sport Football Women vs. Østerbro IF

Sunday 7th of October 2012


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: AC, B, Blume, Camilla Borg
Midfield: Maria, Julie, Annika, Ingrid, Kathrin
Striker: Charlotte
Subs: Knudsen, Hansen, Majbritt

Match Summary

0-0 Østerbro IF put CBS Sport under pressure from the beginning, but the team held their ground and defended very well. Østerbro IF had some good chances, but none that paid of. In the other end CBS Sport had some minor chances as well, but not many that got really dangerous..

Half time

1-0 The pressure continued, but CBS Sport had gotten an even better hang of the play and kept Østerbro IF away most of the time. With about 15 minutes left, Østerbro IF had a lousy shot at goal that the goalkeeper miscalculated and the ball just rolled into the goal.
The goal forced CBS Sport to be more offensive and the last 15 minutes offered more good chances than the previous 75 minutes. Unfortunately it didn’t pay off and the match ended 1-0.

End result: 1-0 DEFEAT!
Woman of the Match: Cecilie

Before the match Østerbro IF had a goal difference of 27 to 3 and was the clear number one. Therefore we consider a 1-0 defeat as acceptable, even though we really hoped for a 0-0 draw.. Furthermore Østerbro IF was heard saying that CBS Sport was the one team giving them the hardest time, so we take that with us as a great compliment.

Next match is on Sunday against Bk. Heimdal, and hopefully we’ll be able to bring home a victory!