CBS Sport Football Women vs. VLI

Monday 21st of May 2012


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Camilla B., Brunsgaard, B, Hansen
Midfield: CC, Ingrid, Ingeborg, AC
Striker: Lidegaard, Veronika
Subs: Majbritt, Tine, Karoline

Match Summary

0-1 Ingrid kicks the corner, which Ingeborg nicely gets to B, who heads it in!
0-2 CC kicks it to a VLI player, who immediately gets pressured by Veronika, which makes her make an own goal..

Half time

0-3 Lidegaard gets a free run at the goal, but gets pressured by an opponent. Lidegaard tries to get it over the goalie, who saves, but Veronika is on her immediately and gets it in!
0-4 Majbritt throws the ball down the line, to Ingrid who (just by the book) makes a run to get her free and puts it in the far corner of the goal! Yay!

0-1 B (assist: Ingeborg)
0-2 Own goal by the opponent
0-3 Veronika (assist: opponent)
0-4 Ingrid (assist: Majbritt)

End result: 0-4 VICTORY!
Woman of the Match: Camilla Borg.

Thank you to everyone showing up to show their support in the great weather! – And not the least, Casper Koll who volountered to be referee, until a slightly confused and pretty late KBU referee turned up about 3 minutes in the match..