CBS Sport Handball wins again

Sunday the 1st of February the Women Team 2 started out very good and quickly led the game by 3-0 against PI 2. Unfortunately, they were not able to sustain that lead and after some technical mistakes PI 2 had balanced the score and the match was even 3-3. The rest of the half was dominated by a solid defense by CBS Sport and there were complete control of the breakthroughs and the shots from the players in the back and center positions and by half-time the score was 10-6 in CBS Sport’s favor.

At the beginning of the 2nd half the players seemed tired and a lack of concentration particular in the defense enabled PI 2 to pass the ball to their line player repeatedly and reduced the lead to just one goal. However, due to the will to fight, especially in the defense, and nice saves from the goalkeeper (2 saves on penalty shots) CBS Sport managed to win their second game in a row and is now on 6th place with 4 games left in the season.