CBS Sport Men’s Handball 1 wins second match out of 3 possible

After a defeat in the fall-break CBS handball 1 had to make an effort against Team Nørrebro 3. The beginning of the match was full of bad passes and poor shots – if this was a result of the switch from summer to winter time is unknown. H

owever, after 12 minutes CBS was leading 7-2 and was playing better and better. Overall, the match was pretty slow played, and the only exciting event during the game was when the star player (Editor’s note: Jesper Juul) got his third and final 2 minute suspension. CBS had shown good defense and acceptable offense play – however, with 10 minutes left they almost threw away a 8 goals lead – Nørrebro bringing it down to 3 goals lead.

When the whistle blew – the scoreboard showed the score ‘26-21’ giving CBS 1 their second win of the season, placing them at a 3rd place. Next match will be on the 2nd of November against VLI (league no. 1) in Frederiksberg Hallen 1. Show your support and join us this Sunday.

Written by: Jesper Juhl Andersen