CBS Sport receives recognition from the top of CBS

This newsletter is the first of 2010 and therefore it is in its place to put a remark on the year 2009 as well as writing a comment about the expectations for 2010.

CBS Sport is still growing, reaching more than 800 members this spring. Five of our fifteen teams have during the past year advanced to a higher league and two other teams have the chance to follow in their steps in April. In 2009 we were also involved in a large number of events and we held our very first tournament in October, CBS Sport Challenge. CBS Sport and KPMG began a hopefully long term relationship, our new website was launched and we took home four trophies from the Eurocup in Paris. To know more about results, events and other facts please read the Chairman’s Report 2010.

“Sport activities are important for any university”

was said by the President of CBS, Johan Roos, when he on Friday the 26th awarded one of the three CBS Student Prizes 2010 at the CBS Gala.

Actually, it was I who received one of the three prizes for my engagement in CBS Sport. I view this as a huge recognition to all of CBS Sport and a way for CBS to grant our strengths.

Cause sport should be a key factor in the life of all students since it contributes to social community, possibilities of networking and long lasting friendship. This knowledge has obviously arrived to the top of CBS and I am sure it will lead to many good things in the future.

As a start I am happy to inform that CBS together with CBS Students and CBS Sport are making a beach volleyball court outside of our office windows at Solbjerg Plads. Furthermore, our ambition is to get a 7-a-side soccer field and a basketball court on the ground between the buildings Solbjerg Plads and Kilen.

Enjoy the newsletter and have fun with the sport you are exercising.

Karina Ildor Jacobsgaard

Chairman of CBS Sport