CBS Sport Rugby Men wins the 2nd division championship

The championship game deciding the overall winner of 2nd division rugby in Denmark was the end to a season, which has been one of the best, if not the best, for the men’s rugby team yet. After a rather slow spring semester, the team picked up pace for the autumn semester where we had lots of players and were able to field full teams almost every time. The result was only one loss from 7 games. Winning 2nd division east and a ticket to the championship game against the winner of 2nd division west meant the team had to travel to Aarhus on November 7 to play against Lindø/Odense/Esbjerg. Having prepared for the worst and hoping for the best, the team travelled by bus to the capital of Jutland early morning, eager and nervous for the upcoming match. Together with the team were a few supporters that had chosen to follow the team the whole day, which only made the trip even better.

Arriving at the field, it was obvious that it would be a physical and very tough match considering the size of the opponent’s team, but the rugby men were ready for the challenge having worked hard to be ready for this. The referee started the game and the competition was fierce from the first tackle. Despite not having the huge forwards of the opponents, the CBS Sport Rugby men never stopped tackling and played the ball wide to make use of an excellent backline to gain momentum. After initial domination by CBS Sport, the Lindø/Odense/Esbjerg team struck back with a try nearing the end of first half leaving CBS Sport with only a narrow lead before the second half. After an early setback with a try for the opposing team, CBS Sport dug deep and fought back, gaining momentum and continued to play smart rugby and most of the second half was spent in Lindø/Odense/Esbjerg’s half and the final result showed the dedication of CBS Sport despite a bruising encounter and secured a 17-40 win.

CBS Sport brought home two new trophies for the club room, one for winning 2nd division east and one for winning the 2nd division championship, and the celebrations were immense on the bus home in true CBS Rugby manner, which continued in Copenhagen at our awesome sponsor, Bootleggers/The Rusty Nail. This result could not have been done without all our players, volunteers and supporters and sponsors that are an integral part of CBS Sport Rugby, and we would like to say a big thank you to anyone involved and we look forward to attempt to maintain the championship next year. See you in 2016!

Yours truly,

Nicolai “Panda” Nygaard Petersen

The boys got funding from the Sports Pool to make the trip to Århus – read more here.

(Also, the rugby guys won 2nd division in 2013 – winning the overall 2nd division championship is just taking it even further! Good job, guys!, red.)