CBS Sport Rugby Men’s Spring Season 2013

The spring season for the men’s team has truly been an inspiring one.

After months of winter hiatus, the veterans of the club, rookies and other new faces in the club joined forces to play rugby – and to win not least. The core of Danish players was again supplemented with exchange students as well as new Danish players. It is very positive to witness this continued growth in CBS Sport Rugby while also embracing the diversity the foreigners bring to the team; this semester we had the honour of representing Ireland, Australia, Germany, France, USA, England, Faroe Islands, The Netherlands, Italy, Mexico and Norway.

Orange Bowl 2013

The team warmed up in a 2-day pre-season tournament in Roskilde in April, which was a unique opportunity to play against teams from Jutland that the team normally not play. While Saturday proved to be successful winning both games, Sunday was an uphill battle after Saturday’s casualties (injuries, people leaving for trips etc.), which decimated the team and I am proud that the remaining players kept on fighting despite this. Also, we borrowed a few players from our kind hosts, Roskilde. That is both the spirit of rugby and of this team. A spirit we are proud to be a part of.

The Spring Season

After the pre-season warm up, the team faced off with the Vikings from Roskilde, which we already beat in the 2-day tournament, and they were seeking revenge. It was a hard-fought match that ultimately landed CBS Sport Rugby a narrow 3 point victory with the final score being 17-14. We will look forward to our next encounter with the Vikings from Roskilde.

Next in line was the dreaded Speed team from Tårnby. Despite being the underdogs of the match, CBS Sport pushed through for a decisive victory (22-16). This is only the 3rd time in the past 3 years that this feat has been accomplished, and it really showed how hard the team has worked to beat such an established team that is a top club in Danish rugby.

The exciting match: FRK vs. CBS Sport

The next team to face CBS Sport was the newly formed CSR/Wolves, but they could not field a team and CBS Sport won an easy victory by forfeit. However, this would not be the case for the last match of the semester against Frederiksberg (FRK). Yet again a tough team and CBS Sport knew it would be a challenge to take on FRK, but we were to ready to fight for a win to secure an unbeaten record in the spring, which would give CBS Sport a favourable position in the league standings before autumn.

It became on of the toughest exciting matches FRK and CBS Sport have played so far, which is also evident in the final score of 36-36. None of the teams were able to get the decisive upper hand to secure a victory and the teams fought hard for every inch in every scrum and ruck. The lead changed several times and it was dramatic to the last whistle where the referee declared a tie. Slightly disappointed not being able to gain a victory from all the efforts, CBS Sport could celebrate an unbeaten record for the spring.

Thank you all!

Summer is upon us and the players have a chance to recuperate and tend to injuries before coming back in September to, hopefully, continue the so far successful campaign for the 1st place in the division.

CBS Sport Rugby would like to thank everybody involved in the team this semester for whatever they have brought to the team.

See you after summer for more rugby!

Nicolai Nygaard Petersen,
Head of Rugby