CBS Sport Summer Party 2010

The hungovers are starting to wear off and the sore dancing legs are starting to work again..

See the photos from the CBS Sport Summer Party here! (on facebook)

See the CBS Sport Summer Party video here!

Player of the Year 2010;

Floorball; Alexander Glud!
Basketball Men 1; Thomas Holm-Hansen!
Basketball Women; Maria Do Carmo Lohse!
Handball Women 3; Stine Corlin Christensen!
Handball Women 2; Rikke Krog Mogensen!
Handball Women 1; Mie Lindberg!

Handball Fighter of the Year 2010;

Handball Women 1; Hege Urnes
Handball Women 2; Frida Fakkenor
Handball Women 3; Natja Helene Grønvaldt!