CBS Sport Summer Party 2013

“Ka’ Ko-oll, ka’ Ko-oll, ka’ Ko-oll drikke ud….SELVFØLG’LIG, selvfølg’lig, selvfølg’lig ku’ han det!”

(Simplified in English: “Can Koll drink it all? Of course he can!”)

– And then Nanna, and then Hejsel, and then Jeppe, and then Britt and then….

This little song kicked off the CBS Sport Summer Party 2013 – and man, what a party it was!

After the delightful dinner with chatting, laughing and not at least drinking, it was time for Fede Dorit aka. Big Betty to return to the party to serve the people some shots and offer the ‘motorbåd’ with help from beautiful Knudsen and Iris aka. PIMP!

At nine ‘o’ clock Fede Dorit said her goodbyes, the second Happy Hour of the evening started, the DJ started playing and from then on it turned into a crazy ‘abefest’: the bar was almost completely sold out by midnight (poor busy bartenders!), the “swimming pool” was filled up with nice warm water for people to jump around in, the little blue animal was molested SEVERAL times, people went nuts on the dancefloor and a tequila club made hangovers from the day before disappear.

Even when Bouncer Brunsgaard tried to make the guests leave at three o’clock the party STILL continued for the last guests!

All in all a typical CBS Sport party where a toilet seat was missing the day after, the bar only contained energy drinks and two bottles of Jägermeister, and the Party (Cleaning) Crew was TIRED!

But, we’ll do it aaaall again, as soon as we get to the CBS Sport Christmas Party, so hopefully we’ll see you all there.


Yours sincerely,
CBS Sport Party Crew
(Iris, Brunsgaard, Henriette, Knudsen, Iben, Lars, Theis and Koll)