CBS Sport Summer Party 2014

Lights, music, awesome bartenders, drinks and most importantly… food! Everything was as it should be when CBS Sport Summer Party 2014 went down right before Roskilde Festival.

(Some might remember the last CBS Sport party where the food didn’t show up)

And as soon as people saw the food the party could officially begin!

The party crew has been greatly diminished as it went from 8 people at the Christmas party to only 5 people. The date was moved as well to not interfere with important matches, and so, the day before Roskilde Festival, it was finally time. Several CBS Sport’ers offered to help out with the pre-party preparations and two eager DØK’ere took complete control of the bar and, hence, the Summer Party 2014 could begin with the only happy hour of the evening.

The dinner was served as planned and before the tasty dessert was devoured, it was time for the usual award show, where several sports decorated their athletes and coaches with honor. About nine ‘o’ clock DJ Reeact pushed the party to the next level with everything from house music to Backstreet Boys. At this time a partition signed by numerous people had led the two bartenders to drop their underwear and was now only wearing a slaughter apron and shoes, whilst willingly serving the thirsty party people with steady hands.

When the lights came on around 3 am, there was still plenty of people left and after finishing their drink, they vanished into the summer night either alone or not.

All in all in was a blast of a party and, surprisingly enough, the party crew found nothing broken the next morning. The party crew would like to thank everyone who were at the party and made it just as awesome as a CBS Sport Party always is, and we hope to see you – and many more of your fellow teammates – at the Christmas Party.


Yours sincerely,
CBS Sport Party Crew
(Nadjia, Søren, Theis, Morten & Lars)

See more photos here.

Also remember that the Party Crew can always use more volunteers – just send an email to if you want in!