CBS Sport Summer Party 2015

Date: 20-06-2015
Time: 17:00
Place: Retortvej 1C, 2500 Valby

*CBS Sport Members Only*

The sun is shining, exams are over and the holiday on a beach in the Mediterranean is soon coming up – or at least that is how we hope your life is when you arrive at CBS Sport’s Summer Party.

The party is this year on the 20th of June and starts at 17:00. On this hot summer night we will stuff ourselves with a delicious summer buffet, drink a lot of cold drinks, and dance until 03:00 where the party ends. Note that the party this year is located at Retortvej 1C, 2500 Valby.

In accordance with our traditions in CBS Sport we will have our award show where various sports will announce their Player of the Year – come and see if you are the lucky one.

UPDATE June 15th: Deadline is reached and we look forward to seeing you on the 20th!

DEADLINE for signing up is on Sunday the 7th of June EDIT: 14th of June. Please note that there are limited seats available so sign up before all of them are taken.

If you have any questions regarding the party feel free to write to

We are looking forward to a blast of a party!

Sunny wishes,

The Party Crew
Kathrin, Julie, Theis, Søren, Morten & Lars




Last update: June 15th, 8:45

Jeppe Udklit Svendsen (football)
Birita Hammershaimb Christiansen (football)
Kristoffer Brodersen (football)
Casper Søgaard (football)
Jannik Henriks (football)
Daniel Henriks (football)
Christina Løtzsch Hansen (football)
Mia Skræddergaard (football)
Rasmus Dybkjær (football)
Alexander Bøegh (football)
Christian Jung Jørgensen (football)
Kathrin Hansen (football)
Julie Crüger (tennis)
Theis Jørgensen (football)
Søren Beck (football)
Morten Brenøe (football)
Lars Rye Petersen (football)
Ditte Nielsen (handball)
Camilla Henriksen (tennis)
Camilla Borg (football)
Allan Kristiansen (football)
Thea Langø (handball)
Anne-Mette Stubager Mie Martinussen (football)
Jonas Jensen (football)
Maja Friis (basketball)
Cecilie Rasmussen (football)
[player fee pending]
Birgitte Brems (football)
Linda Boldt (basketball)
Cecilie Jørgensen (basketball)
Jonas Valentiner (football)
Patrick Stricker (football)
Caroline Lemvigh (football)
Majbritt Korsgaard Hansen (football)
Linette Nielsen (handball)
Mathias Jørgensen (football)
Rikke Degn Nielsen (handball)
Jens-Henrik Holm Hansen (football)
Stine Corlin Christensen (handball)
Thomas Staalager (football)
Joachim Satchwell (football)
Kristian Rigbolt (football)
Jonas Rasmussen (football)
Kristie Henriksen (football)
Kiri Christensen (football)
Pernille Sandholdt (football)
Chloe Lapasset (rugby)
Sara Lutzen (handball)
Thomas Lund Andersen (handball)
Britt Lorenzen (handball)
Wasiem von Heydebrand (football)
Camilla Carlsen (football)
Cirkeline Holm-Nielsen (football)
Anna Pors Andersen (handball)
Viktoria Wiklicky (rugby)
Niels Wegener (handball)
Jakob Kaltoft Nielsen (football)
Casper Christensen (handball)
Marie Schmidt (handball)
Magnus Kjeldsen (football)
Yesim Yavuz (badminton)
Kristian Kromann (handball)
David Høgenhaven (football)
Dea Romero-Karlsen (rugby)
Frederik Goul Duehollm (handball)
Casper Koll (football)
Veronica Blumenthal (rugby)
Ditte Søgaard (handball)
Nicolai “Panda” Nygaard Petersen (rugby)
Lærke Mindegaard (handball)
Nadia Otte (handball)
Michael Magee (football)
Mari Mogstad Eri (football)