CBS Sport Team 1 beats FB in opening match

On this UNBELIEVABLY cold Saturday in January, the men’s 1st Team had their first competitive Match in the new year on Jens Jessensvej.

At first it didn’t looked like the match would even be played, because there was snow everywere and at some places even up to 10-15 cm. But after some players marked the field and the feet slowly got used to the cold, the match could start.

It took some time until both teams got used to play under these unussual circumstances, but then the play startet to flow and the teams got there combinations to work. Both teams looked like they had ecual share of the game but then aften about 30 minutes FB-2 broke through the CBS Sports defense and scored, without leaving any chance to goalie Casper Koll.

15 minutes later the ref blew his whistle for halftime.

In the Halftime Aage and Ali had to leave so CBS had to play the second half without any subs, but there were one pair of fresh legs for the second half, Søren (Coach) Beck, who should have a major impact on this game.

About ten minutes into the second half Femi moved the ball up field and found a good placed Søren, who with a placed shot scored for the equaliser. After that, the game became a little slower and you could see that the players weren’t used to play under these extreme conditions and that the regular season hasn’t startet yet. There was a lot of playing forth and back in the Midfield, but with the finishing whistle moving closer and closer the players on both teams where giving the last energy they had to secure a win…and 2 minutes before the final whistle, Søren gets a run towards goal and doesn’t disappoint and scored for the final score of 2:1 for CBS Sports.

Everybody was glad that this game was over, frozen and marked from 90 minutes of hard work, CBS Sport could go home with 3 point on their account.

Written by Jens-Henrik Rosasco Holm Hansen